Our special offers this week:

specialofferThis week (starting December 27, 2014) we have many great special offers for you, e.g.:

  • Intel Galileo (25% discount !)
    • LCD TFT Display 7″ with LED backlight (Composite, VGA, HDMI and DVI inputs)
    • A cool tube based VFD Modular Clock (Nixie like) (~180 SEK discount)
    • And many more, including Sparkfun and Adafruit Specials!

    We will also run a Special Store New Year’s Sale and all shoppers (minimum 50 Euros) will get free gifts till the end of January ! See the picture in this posting to know what products we are starting to give away, for free, because it’s Holiday and we wish you a great ‘inventious’ New Year!

    To get the latest information regarding special offers, please visit our webshop page and also we advice you to check out, regular, our EZtronics Sweden Facebook page! When you visit and Like/Follow our https://www.facebook.com/EZtronicsSverige then we will keep you updated any time we have new offers and also when we give away FREE Items or FREE Shipping !