EZtronics autumn / winter present: Power bank – NiMH charger + Step up converter

StepUp1EZtronics has an autumn present for you: a Kodak Power bank for powering your low power USB devices, like an Arduino UNO, a Raspberry Pi, a smartphone, etc, etc.

Just add 2 good quality rechargable NiMH AA batteries, charge them on the supplied AC charger and you’ll get a portable 5V (USB) power bank !

Just order for 1400 SEK or more from our products (incl MOMS, excl shipment) and add a comment to your order stating the free power bank and you’ll get it for free from EZtronics !

StepUp2Technical details:

  • 230 VAC -> 5V USB power supply
  • 2x AA battery charger
  • Step up converter for generating 5V USB from the 2x AA NiMH batteries.